By my deep welcome

I receive you on my website



You will find here many ways to inform your self about issues concerning survival, life and being.


Until now, I met lively beings, as they are present on earth.  My curiosity directs to answers on questions like:

Why there are no other beings inside universe, as they known on earth?

What is so special about these beings?

Why can I think, feel and sense?

What is spirituality?

What is the sense of my life?

What is a spiritual consciousness?

Who am I?

What is entanglement?

What is perceiving science?

What is the breathing process?

What is time?

Many other questions I have answered for myself. Maybe you are interested in my answers.

For me, the not yet asked questions are the most interesting ones.


You will find the answers, which I found until now. The answers, which I will find and will experience will find too a place on my website.


When you too are curious and wants to read which answers I found, in this case I present you

a guideline. It will lead you to the words I have written.

. I will be in joy, when by reading my words you will participate the search for Wherefore..... and Why so..... The question of why I cannot and you neither answer. This I had to accept.

. I will be in joy, when you want to communicate with me in a private sphere.

Besides, there exists a forum with the possibility to communicate too over the issues of survival, life and being.




. The first site is the 0-point. (0-Punkt)

You will find at the beginning and at the end of all my texts this    O-Punkt. It is coloured.

 By a click on it, you lands on the first site again. So "back" to the beginning, as a sign that life starts again by 0.


. When you want to follow the line, more words are coloured. By clicking you find the next site.


. I too made short paths in order to reach other texts inside a main issue.


. On all sites you find signs of -zurück- (back) and -weiter- (forward). Because I did not use these signs on purpose, they are not effective for finding the path inside my website.


English language

Click on it and you will be on the path.......

My website is not public and there fore reachable only private,

when you received access by me.

I am interested in direct individual communication.

In order to become access, you can reach me under my E-mail address:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The joy for curiosity should be lived without an hindrance.



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